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In recent time some of the common issues have been reported like “Windows Explorer has stopped working” after installing a fresh version of Windows 8. This keeps taking place at short intervals that finally creates a hard situation to make use of Windows 8 by its users.

Backup saves multiple copies of files which have not been changed: Windows possesses a robust utility along with file history built in. This reflects that backup service can analyze the modification introduced by files and also it back up the new version while retaining an old one. This is a very good feature but it has been seen by some users that Windows 8 is backing up new versions of files which have not get altered.

Windows 8 denies going into sleep state:  Keeping windows in the sleep state is considered as the best way to save energy but in sometimes PC refuses from getting into the sleep state. This generally happens by device triggering a wake command.

 Blurred text: sometimes windows 8 users see a blurred text which happens because Window always tries to scale the software to a higher resolution.

If you are facing problem associated with icons and general text, rather than programs themselves, you may scale the Windows UI in that case. Carry on a Windows search for display and in the menu that opens, modify to a larger or smaller UI scale. On the other, You may also opt to customize text scaling with the “set custom text size” link available on the left.

What to do to resolve the issues that arise in Windows 8?

Those PC users who have to encounter with technical issues concerned with Windows 8 may contact on our Windows Customer Service Phone Number. We are available here to provide them help regarding their queries and solution to their issues. Our representative directly deals with the customer’s inquiries and complaints. Customers are guided by our specialized experts and Microsoft certified technicians.

  • Our Windows customer number support offers help for the following issues:
  • Issues related to installation and configuration of Windows 8.
  • The problem associated with repair of Windows 8.
  • Windows 8 updates error.
  • Issues concerned with Windows Blue screen error.

Our customers may access us round the clock for their any kind of issues related to their Windows 8. They have various options for phone support, live chat, Email support and remote support through which we may be contacted at any time. Our well-qualified technicians are always ready to serve their customers with their expertise and competencies. Our Windows Technical Support Phone Number is completely customer oriented firm that only considers the customer satisfaction. Hence we try our best to offer the superior services.

How to fix the common Windows 8 Related Issue!

Windows OS is an amazing product; one can’t just get away with the need of finding that small bit of help every now and then. There is a majority of PC users out there who require support in order to get their Windows operating system up and running without any issue. Further, also for the simple reason, one needs to handle windows OS issues which are not all that shockingly outside our ability to understand. In any case, it likewise winds up being the situation continuously where one needs to have an extraordinary level of learning to completely comprehend everything as well as get Microsoft OS Support. For further detail, you can avail our Windows Customer Care service at zero hassle.

Windows 8 consists of various new resources for troubleshooting and options for recovering your system from fault or problems and makes it error-free. The set of topics covered in this section includes the following:

  • Support Resources.
  • Push-Button Reset.
  • File History.
  • Windows 7 file recovery.
  • Boot Menu and WinRE.
  • Other troubleshoot changes or
  • Recover the technical errors.

Windows 8 Related Issues: Recovery and Troubleshooting them via Window Customer Service Team

Here, we mention a list of some Windows 8 related issues and as well as information about how to fix these issues.

  • How to Install Windows 8 on a Mac?
  • How to upgrade windows 8 into a Windows 8.1?
  • Can’t Find ‘Open with’ option in Windows 8?
  • Not be able to Login with Microsoft Account automatically.
  • Windows 8 overuses Mobile Data.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity issues with windows 8.
  • Unable to open Start Menu in Windows 8.
  • Not able to Switch on the Windows 8.
  • Can’t Find any Applications in Windows Search.
  • Avoid Automatic Driver installations glitch.

To obtain the correct and reliable answer to above-mentioned issues, you can contact us via our toll-free Windows Technical Support Number 1-888-758-7985 at any time which is reachable round the clock means accessible in every corner of the globe.